Bishop David Oyedepo :: Covenant Blessings For The Week!!!

Bishop David Oyedepo
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Bishop David Oyedepo Prophetic Declarations For This Week!!!, According to the Bishop he said:

Serving God in truth and indeed is what brings you under His blessings and when God blesses you, no one can reverse it Exodus 23:25.

You are free from every generational curse and anyone who curses you is cursed in return in Jesus’ mighty name! Everyone that gathers against you from today shall fall for your sake in the mighty name of Jesus!

Kingdom advancement prayer is what covers your other needs of life (Matthew 16:6)
A praying church is a growing church; may the fire on your prayer altar never burn out!
You will become a point of global reference in your field of endeavours!
God will appear in His glory in your life!

It’s bye-bye to sickness and disease in your life!
As you continue to service His interests,
expect this day to mark the end of shame and reproach in your life!
Every marital curse, career siege is over today in the name of Jesus!
Every spell of challenged children comes to an end in the name of Jesus!

Engage your heart in praying kingdom advancement prayers and you will soon be listed among the nobles of the earth.

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