Bishop Oyedepo Prophetic Declarations For This Week!!!

Bishop Oyedepo
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The founder of Living Faith Church International aka Winners Chapel Int’l has released Prophetic Declarations For This Week!!!.

Below are the WORDs of the Bishop concerning this week:

Watch it! Your long awaited turnaround is coming to pass this week in Jesus’ name!

From this day onward, your destiny will not enter the trap of the devil in Jesus’ name!

You have been called unto glory, you will not see shame and reproach again!

Every weakness in your system, I command them turned into strength!

May the quickening Spirit of the Lord come afresh on you today in Jesus’ name!

I decree the fresh enduement of the Spirit of excellence in your life!

Every unwanted situation around you shall be visited by God!

I don’t care what point you are in right now, the turnaround God will find you and turn your situation around!

Anything sitting on your destiny is unseated in the name of Jesus!
Everything begins to work in your life!

Your turnaround testimony comes this week in Jesus’ name!

The Lord will crown this year with goodness!

You won’t miss your glorious destiny in the name of Jesus Christ!

Anyone that has been stagnated due to wrong acts, I pray for mercy for you; begin to move forward in Jesus’ name!

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