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BM Bliss Exclusive Interview
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BM Bliss has shot us an arrow of encouragement in this song titled “MIGHTY WORKS” which was recently released. The song speaks of God’s omini-potency and love towards his children. He’s promise keeping nature and enveloping grace.

MIGHTY WORKS carries words that speak of God’s amazing personality and works that injects trust in the mind of the listeners. A part of the song says “when fears arise, my FAITH will conquer”. And, the bible reminds of God being the author and finisher of our faith. So, God will conquer every sought fear arising from us.

The quality of the song is top notch. From instrumentation, voicing, down to recording. Beautiful backup vocalists.

The song MIGHTY WORKS solely aims at building confidence and trust in the Christian faith, which is also a form of worship. “Mighty are the works of your hands” as stated in the chorus is a direct worship to God as prayers took over at the fade of the song.

MIGHTY WORKS is sound to stick to either as an encouragement or prayer to God.

BM Bliss is a Nigerian Gospel Singer and Songwriter who made her first appearance in the Gospel Music scene with her latest single “Mighty Works” which was released earlier this month. You can learn more about her by reading through her Exclusive interview with Sounds4TheKing Media Concept below:

 I am Faith Zicham and I have here with me a special guest, we’re glad to have you here Ma, welcome on board, Can we meet you pls?

I’m Blessing Masajuwa from Delta state, a native of urhobo, I’m 24 yrs old and I’m a student of Ambrose Alli university, studying Theatre and media Art in my 3rd year and my journey for music started 5 years ago and now I can say it’s the best part of me.

Wow! Beautiful, So about “music” How has it been?

It has been interesting, full of so many motivations especially learning new things and discovering some potential in me.

It means, music for you has been smooth. Without any form of hedge or problem?

Of course there are, they come up gradually, like the more I approach a new phase the more I meet some new challenges but then I like it because it shows growth and advancement.

So, how do you overcome those arising problems?

Some I discussed with those ahead of me while I learn from whichever one I failed

Talking about those ahead of you! Who is the one person you look up to in the music industry?

That should be Sinach

Wow! Well, I think you sing more like Judikay. But, that aside, your new single. Tell us more about it

Judikay?  Nah! even though Mighty Works is close to her style but it’s the first I’ve written in that style.

My new single(Mighty Works)is a song of conviction and conclusion I wrote it while I was in school in my 2nd year, the song is like a box of my meditation cause it was birthed from the place of meditation, it reminds me that whatever God does surely comes out the best and nothing can beat it.

Wow! This is beautiful BM Bliss. Alright, so what should we expect from BM Bliss in the future?

By God’s grace, something bigger and unusual will come through; I will say the real BM Bliss will unveil.

We wait for your unveiling. Anything you want to tell us? Your fans?

God bless everyone and it’s my prayer that my lyrics communicate deeply to your soul and bring you a sweet fellowship with God.

Amen. It is really a nice time having you here… And we hope to have you here again and again. Thank you! Dearest, BM Bliss

It’s a pleasure being here Zicham, Thank you.

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