Nikki Laoye, Chioma Chukwuka, & Stephanie Kadiri Singing “Mind Your Business”

Nikki Laoye, Chioma Akpotha, & Stephanie Kadiri
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Chioma Chukwuka, Nikki Laoye & Stephanie Kadiri Singing “Mind Your Business”

It’s a new week, just #MindYourBusiness! Stop nosing around, looking for what’s not looking for you, snooping around, gossiping, adding salt & pepper to a story that you weren’t even an eye witness to. If you weren’t there when it happened, if you haven’t heard from both or all parties involved, just shut up and don’t judge! Simply #MindYourBusiness!

Do your work well. Concentrate on the things you have left undone and the ones you are yet to do.

In other words, gbara ogwu gi ñuo!

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