ChiomaJesus Speaking During Ministration in Accra Ghana

Chioma Jesus in Accra Ghana
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Chioma Jesus a Worshiper also knows as Queen of Praise speaking to the audience about GOD… God is God HE does not need Men’s VOTE before HE anoint anybody he wants to anoint.

She went further and said:

“My God does not need men’s opinion for Him to anoint you…. God doesn’t need peoples advice for Him to bless you neither will He need majority vote for Him to choose you He is God all by Himself what ever He wants to do will He will do, whom he wants to bless will He will bless so rejoice today that your hearts desire shall be granted unto you in this season just look up to Him alone because men will fail you…. the people of Accra in Ghana were Chiomalized powerfully…#Godisnotaman.

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During Ministration in Accra Ghana
During Ministration in Accra Ghana

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