Current truths about Pastor Enoch Adeboye in pidgin

Current truths about Pastor Enoch Adeboye in pidgin
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Pastor Enoch Adeboye wey be di leader of Redeemed Christian Church of God, dey sometimes joke say di mama and papa wey born am bin poor sotey even poor pipo dey call dem poor.

But today for Nigeria Pastor Adeboye or ‘Daddy G.O’ as some of im followers dey call am, na one of di richest and important pastors inside di kontri.

See three sharp truths wey make Pastor Enoch Adeboye dey popular for Nigeria

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  1. Church spread

Di church wey Pastor Enoch Adeboye dey lead since 1981; Redeemed Christian Church of God get one of di largest spread for Nigeria.

In fact for 2010 di church decide say for evri five minutes waka pesin make all over Nigeria, you go see di church building.

Dis one make di Pastor get plenti followers wit about 14,000 churches inside Nigeria.

  1. Rich/Private Jet/Private University

For Forbes magazine rating for 2017 say di net worth of Pastor Enoch Adeboye wey be di General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, worldwide, na between 39 to 65 million dollars.

Im church dem dey give him at least two million dollars profit ot tight per year, according to Forbes.

E get private university; Redeemers University.

Di 77 year Professor of Mathematics and preacher also get get private jet wey wey im dey use travel around di world.

Forbes magazine estimate say im jet worth 30 million USD.

  1. Influence inside Nigeria

Pastor Enoch Adeboye prophesies don become important for Christians for Nigeria sake how religion get ogbonge control of di kontri pipo.

Apart from dat, e get many political leaders and religious leaders wey dey look up na im for advice before dem take action.

Nigeria Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo na Redeemed pastor and spiritual son of Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

Di man leadership and influence cut acoss political divide inside di kontri.

Source: BBC Pidgin

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