Dr. John Mo Biography, Education, & Musical Career

Dr. John Mo Biography
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Dr. John Mo is a songwriter and a gospel singer whose full name is Dr. John Akhagbeme Momoh. He is a Nigerian, a simple born-again Christian with a passion for singing – worshipping and praising God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Ghost. He also writes and does songs with impactful messages for the social space.

Dr. John Mo owns a doctorate (PhD) degree in Satellite Navigation Systems engineering from the University College London. He has many years of professional experience in satellite systems and engineering practice.

Dr. John Mo started singing as a little boy in his local church. He grew in music over the years and became the Music Director of the choir of the Living Faith Church Jahi, Abuja, Nigeria, where he directed the choir for
four years, writing and ministering some inspiring songs.

Dr. John Mo is a minstrel with a passion to reach the world through soul-touching and inspiring gospel music to bless the Church and reach the global public with godly messages.

By the special grace of God, Dr. John Mo released his debut single titled “Hallelujah” in July 2020. Other songs by Dr. John Mo include “Fight These Battles”, “Heal Our Land” and “Let Me Breathe”, with many more to
come. He is happily married with four children.

Instagram: @Dr_JohnMo1
Twitter: @DrJohnMo1
Facebook: John Momoh
YouTube: Dr John Mo

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