Pastor Dr. Sonnie Badu “Walking With The Blessings of God” [GMVideo]

Pastor Dr. Sonnie Badu
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Pastor Dr. Sonnie Badu “Walking With The Blessings of God”

Until you master the craft and skill of ignoring haters, you are not really ready for the blessing. Why? Because the blessing will cause some people to hate or despise you for no reason. Another reason being that what they struggle to do, you achieve with ease.. Indeed the blessings of God makes one Rich and adds no sorrow…

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It’s not the cars; it’s not the houses… Matter of fact, I know several depressed billionaires who are suicidal. This Sunday at RockHillChurch, still on the blood series, I will be talking on ‘Walking in the blessings of God’. Did you know that the blessings of God can be transferred by the carrier? Sunday is going to be extremely explosive as I will be breaking the word of God down without compromise… bring a friend, bring a loved one, let’s take selfies after service, let’s fellowship together, Atlanta Georgia 4183 NorthEast ExpressWay off the spaghetti junction.

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