Gospel Singer, Jamie Grace share the Crazy Story of how they Became ‘US’

Gospel Singer Jamie Grace
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Someone recently told me ‘Jamie Grace‘, “you got married after 5 months – we get it.” But the thing is, I’ll always share the crazy story of how you and i became us.

It was incredibly difficult waiting for you ‘. There were significant moments of contentment with not being in a relationship and I experienced true joy in singlehood. Yet many times I felt alone and insecure. Which led to feeling embarrassed that I didn’t feel okay all of the time. I felt like if I showed anything but complete confidence in being single I was showing desperation in wanting a man when in reality, I was simply being human.

I pray that I never lose sight of the ups and downs of singlehood. I pray that as our marriage grows I never tell single people to “just wait” or to start “least expecting it.” I pray that I never tell a 22 year old that I was 26 when I married you so she’s too young to hope for love.

You’re my best friend. And I’m not interested in life without you by my side. I pray I never take that for granted and never forget the wait that was difficult at times, but absolutely worth it.

Jamie Grace

I didn’t grow up dreaming about my wedding. i knew i wanted to have a wonderful groom, good reception food and fantastic music but the dress, the venue and other details were never a part of my imagination. when I got engaged, i went dress shopping with @mamamonaharper & @morganharpernichols and i gradually discovered what i wanted: something dramatic enough to match the massive feelings i was having.

Only @glaudibridal 🙌🏽 this vintage-inspired, custom dress, 14-foot skirt train included, is everything i could have dreamt of and more!.

Fun fact: when we sat down for the first time, Johana (designer @glaudibridal) told me that my songs about singlehood and waiting were an inspiration to her as she was starting her bridal line. she also shared with me how she prays over every dress; for each marriage, each bride, each groom. my face:

Jamie Grace

Thank you Johana and your incredible team for making this dress possible! and thank you to my mama and my girls for your love and support as WE designed this amazing dress!!

“Aaron + Jamie Grace Wedding Photos!!!”

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