Happy Birthday To The Founder/Senior Pastor/Teacher at TWCI

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The Senior Pastor at Trinity Worship Centre International becomes a year older.

#Terry Wilson Singing Na Jesus day make me shine oh, shine shine Bobo. Shine shine ooooooh shine shine oooooooh na Jesus day make me shine on, shine shine boboooo….. 
Alright how many of you know that song I just sang? Yes! he was better known then as Brother J. 
Today, he becomes a year older…. 
I remember watching his music video on RSTV back then in PH. He was a blessing and still is and will continue to be till Jesus comes. 
 Join me, and the host of heaven to celebrate God’s Apostle and an elder in the gospel music world JD Kosita-Madu
God bless you sir, and may you experience unending increase and I pray God that through you many will come to the full knowledge of Christ all over the world.
Happy Birthday to you sir! Keep shining for indeed “you be shine shine bobo”


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