Happy Birthday To Sola Allyson, Nigerian Yoruba Gospel Artist

Happy Birthday To Shola Allyson
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Sola Allyson-Obaniyi, globally recognized as Shola Allyson or Sola Allyson, is a Nigerian soul, folk and gospel singer-songwriter. Today, she took to her Instagram handle to share with fans the news about her birthday.

Happy birthday to me!
Ayọ̀ dé!
I’m grateful!
Ayọ̀ dé!
All things are renewed!
ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN ti ṣẹlẹ̀!
Happy birthday to me!

She continued by saying:

As this year ends today and my new year sets to begin tomorrow, I have decided to do my best to further inspire and encourage those walking the roads I once walked…
What is constant in these 2 pictures?
For me, grace and kindness of The Almighty which have guided me thus far and still, I move by them.
The àdìrẹ. Ìyẹn lè má change for laiv. 😁
The gèlè. I always want the African Woman cum chic look. Aspect yẹn ò lè change at all.
My unbreakable spirit.
My unrelenting  soul
Here I am.
Me too I didn’t know. I was just living by the values of The Owner of relevance, fame and blessings as I knew, as simple and true as possible. That is still my way. And will forever be.
I’ll keep getting better, as long as I seek to please The FATHER, Help will always be available!
Níwọ̀n ìgbà tí mo t’ọ̀nà Ìmọ́lẹ̀…!
It looked like I was doing too much and being “too serious”. I still am “serious” like that. But I’m having serious, great results!
As Mama Adejumo would say, “no one argues with (good) results.” My result is being shown to my world, my light shines. Relevant. Celebrated. Light bearer. Child. Honored. Blessed!
I AM GRATEFUL!!! Ẹ bá mi yín’Lúwa! 🙇🙇
But then, the story is still being written. Ògo wà l’óòóré, glory is ahead! And then it’s in levels, step upon step!


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