How to Join EeZee Conceptz Production & Studios Location

EeZee Conceptz Production & Studios Location
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EeZee Conceptz is owned by EeZee Tee and the Record Label came into existence 3 years ago, they are one of the top-notch registered Gospel Record Labels in Nigeria. EeZee Conceptz is a Lagos Based music label with wonderful artists including Mercy Chinwo, GUC, Judikay, and others.

How to Join EeZee Conceptz

Looking to join a successful Gospel record label in Nigerian is one of the goal of an average Gospel Music Ministers. That’s why EeZee Conceptz and other record labels came into existence.

To be signed as an artiste into any Record Labels in Nigeria, there are some qualities you need to possess as an artiste or minister. Some of them are:

Enough Fan base
Concert and Touring history
Music Quality
Strong Local Presence
Performing Skills
Business Minded
Once you have at least five of these qualities, you are probably the next artiste a good record label will be looking forward to sign.

EeZee Conceptz Contact:

Perhaps you want to reach out to EeZee Conceptz on how to join them, see their contact details below:

Address: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Phone: +234 706 965 0707
Email Address: [email protected]
You can also follow them on Social Media for their latest updates: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube – EeZeeConceptz

How to Submit your song to EeZee Conceptz Radio

Here’s the good news, you can submit your song for airplay on EeZee Conceptz Radio for free. No charges attached. By the way, there are some requirements you must meet before your song can be accepted for airplay on EeZee Conceptz Radio.

To see details on their requirements, Terms of Agreement and also submit your song for airplay, click here: EeZee Conceptz Radio Submission

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  • I will love to join….. it’s has been my dream,to become a musician,I wish I would have the privilege

  • Written lots of songs. Interestingly For each song, there is a secular and a gospel version. Still waiting for which opportunity would present it self. But I really wanna do the gospels. But if the secular aspect presents an opportunity. I’d slide..

  • It’s a rare privilege to have a definite call and to see some one who has been designed to push you in that light… spreading the wonderfulness of our God through songs and having a good platform is priceless.

    • Hello I am ego alias Red would really like to join youpEgir record label need to Minister God’s word to the word

  • I av always wanted to be a gospel singer…its has been my passion… I wished I would join u as well…I av listened a lot of gospel songs and am a lover of gospel songs…its inspire me more to develop my ability of singing

  • I will like to join this platform of singers, I have been really blessed by your songs and I wish to use my voice for God

    • I am a gospel artist. I have always wanted quality like the one by Eezee. I want to have connection with this labbel.
      I will be glad if I am oriented on how to go about with this an fulfill my calling.

  • I love to join this platform,I have the voice but shyness is one of the problem and I also think that I can’t do it or the grace has not been dear,I love to be a minister,I need where I can be trained and be bold.

    • Am a lover of music when it comes to gospel music. Am a song writer and a singer and someone that all I want is to worship my God but I don’t have no one to sponsor me and the worst one is here in Cameroon gospel musician are under looked than the secular music. Please help me I know am a Cameroonian and I know distance is not a barrier. Please help me for we all are on the same cause.

  • Cherechi sunny odika, l am a gospel artist, l have always wanted quality like one by EeZee, l want to have connections with the label so that my talents will show up.

  • Am a gospel minister and my name is Fortune Tamuno. I have an album of 10 songs titled “Agunechemba” the hit track is called Agunechemba. Is on and other social media handles.
    I will like it that you manage me.. Eezee concept.
    I like your effect and how you manage your people.
    I will be waiting for your response to join you.

    My number is 07039369198

  • Plz ooo I am begging in the name of God I wanna be part of Ezee conceptz,please at least I can start from backing up or anything just to see those that inspire me.Mrs Judith kanayo,Mercy chinwo,Min Guc,Min chidimma ekile and Mr Ezee tee…

  • I am naturally bold and ever ready to sing even if its in a croud like that of the experience,I already have songs but I can back up or even become a cleaner
    My number is 08108060695

  • Am really ready to join the eezee conceptz am a great gospel singer and a song writer, I really want to use my voice to glorify God alone, I want the world to hear my voice through gospel songs.. Please sign me..

  • It has always been my heart desire and dream to be part of EeZeeConceptz. I don’t just write songs,but the Lord God Almighty Himself gives them to me to write. I have written over #170 songs, inspired by God Himself. These songs come at the process of studying the Word, listening to messages, sometimes while sleeping, and as well as during meditation. I’m fully convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that, this is God wanting me to show forth His praises to the entire world via songs. I strongly believe that EeZeeConceptz could be God’s outstretched arms in making this vision a reality. Please, I truly need your orientation, training, and everything other form of development necessary.
    I can be reached at:

  • I want to join his group by his grace
    Am good in song writer
    Am good in singing
    I have this gift from God
    Ever since I was young
    All thanks God

  • It will be a pleasure to be a member of those wonderful high place people of God,my name is Favour Etinosa omoregie(O E F) I’m an up coming gospel artist who will love to be part of you, I got 73songs I have composed so far on my own with great spiritual benefits I hope to hear from you

  • l will be so happy to join you people am blessed kc by name I have some songs I need you people to assist me and I will be so glad if my request be granted thanks

  • Am isadora,being an artiste under ur studio has been my craving desire,i have a song titled “idimma”.pls help make it a dream come true by taking me.God bless,i cant wait to hear from you,thanks.

    • Hello I am ego alias Red would really like to join youpEgir record label need to Minister God’s word to the word

  • One day I will join EeZeeconpectz studio
    When God teach a song in my dream
    One day God will answer my prayers

  • One day, by God’s infinite mercy I’m gonna mount EeZeeConcetz studio and the world will be inspired to join me celebrate the Name of the Lord.

  • Please I really want to be part of you people,
    Iam a gospel song minister and a singer writer also. I really want you people to help me

  • My are Osowu Ibrahim Anyangwa known as OSIA. Am from middle belt , it heart desire to be part of Eezee conceptz . helps me out to reach you and change the world .
    Am into a music

  • My names are Osowu Ibrahim Anyangwa known as OSIA. Am from middle belt , it is my heart desire to be part of Eezee conceptz . helps me out to reach you and change the world .
    Am into a music

  • Write your comment here…09031549974 is my number my name is vincent stage name is fear GOD i was among the crowd on march 18 2022 in onitsha stadium during crusade by doers assembly i was lucky to touch mercy chinwo’s feet seing eezee concept family gladens my heart i pray that you people will continue to grow and by his grace one day i will be among u guys with this awesome talent

  • Write your comment here…pls eezee concept am a gospel, songwriter, singer, vocalist,
    I have been wonted to join eezee concept,but am living in akwaibom state,
    and I don’t have any body in Lagos that can help me contact eezee concept, pls in need eezee
    concept to help me with accommodation, do I can come and join, cuz I’ve written a lot of songs
    and I need a lebel to make me fulfill my dreams
    if I’ll be luckily given opportunity
    pls this is my contact 08129333341
    on YouTube ERIZYWANA

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