How To Overcome Your Fears And Start Leading Worship.

How To Overcome Your Fears And Start Leading WorshipHow To Overcome Your Fears And Start Leading Worship
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How To Overcome Your Fears And Start Leading Worship With Boldness As 21st Century Worship Leader.

Think about the first time you stood in front of a congregation to lead worship. Or, maybe your time to lead is coming soon. It’s the plague of anyone who performs – you get nervous.

But you don’t need to be paralyzed by fear. With a few simple tricks, you can overcome it and begin to lead with a boldness you never knew you had.

Let’s face it. We all get nervous. Especially if you’re a young worship leader, it can be terribly nerve-racking to stand in front of a large congregation and lead them.

I know what goes through your mind:

>> “Does my pastor like what is happening?”
>> “Is this music too loud for people?”
>> “Does everyone hate my song choice?”
>> “What are people thinking about me?”
>> “Has my band lost respect for me?”
>> “Will I have any musicians who will show up next week?”

Before long, you’ve paralyzed yourself with fear. And fear is the worst frame of mind to lead in.

I’ve been leading worship for over years. I still get nervous every single time. But I’ve learned to ignore my fears. And you can too.

Your fears are irrational and unhelpful. You spend too much time dwelling on worst case scenarios. I’ve written this post to gently challenge you to stop it.
Your fear is holding you back from leading with confidence and enjoying Jesus with your church family. It’s holding you back from becoming the best worship leader you can be.
Are you ready to start ignoring your fears? Let’s do this.
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