I Started Blogging After Waiting 5 Years With No Admission

I Started Blogging After Waiting 5 Years With No Admission
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Congratulations are in order as Prince Oluwatosin Odumosu founder/CEO 247 Gospel Vibes celebrates his birthday and also the7th year anniversary of his brand.

In an interview with Gospel Ministers Hub (a community of Gospel artiste led By Lizzy Folorunsho), Prince shared some thoughts about the Gospel music industry, his journey into the Gospel media space, and most especially his dream woman.

Interviewer: Hello, Can we meet you?

I, thank you very much for having me. My name is Oluwatosin Odumosu but better known as Prince Oluwatosin. I am a mediaprenueur, Music Business consultant, author, and a Christian creative who is from Ogun State but currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Interviewer: Are you single and what church do you attend?

Yes, I’m single and I attend The Elevation Church.

Interviewer: We Know you are a Gospel Blogger, can you enlighten us a bit about what you do?

247 Gospel Vibes is a Christian media and publicity agency and we work with Christian creatives and content creators in regards to content creation, branding, publicity, events etc.

Yes, we have a blog and are proud to be a kingdom Blogger but we do more than that. Our goal is to build a system, a full-fledged media outfit that will enable, empower and encourage more creatives to create Christian and impactful content.

Interviewer: Wao fantastic, what really led you to be a blogger?

Story story, are you ready for the story?

A couple of years back after finishing secondary school, in the process of waiting for 5 years with no admission I enrolled in a music studio & School in Ijebu-Ode. The name is saxifrage led by Cornelius Saxy. Long story short, after working closely with Cornelius in the studio and also attending events/ Ministration with him I discovered there are amazing and lots of music creatives out there and I wanted to create a platform to support their crafts and provide necessary media solutions.

And that was how I conceived the idea, started the blog some years after, and to God be the glory 247 Gospel Vibes is 7years this October.

Interviewer: What can you say about Gospel music?

The Gospel industry has lots of potentials and I mean potentials in CAPS, we aren’t there yet but it is doing so much better than it used to be. Years back radio stations hardly play Gospel songs on the radio except for morning drives (5 am – 6 am) but now they are employing Gospel DJs. That’s because they now understand the importance of this industry.

Interviewer: What makes Gospel Music?

Your Message. Not the beat and definitely not the tempo of the song.

Interviewer: What advice can you give to music ministers to go far in their calling?

  1. Understand your message
  2. Take your branding serious
  3. Be consistent and persevere
  4. Never ignore the place of prayer.

Interviewer: What can you say about featuring One another, What advice will you give?

Collaboration is very important in all walks of life. Irrespective of the industry so I strongly advise and support featuring artiste either mainstream or emerging artiste. However, when deciding who to feature you must consider your message and your brand.

Is the person you are featuring of the same values as you? If not I see no reason for such collaboration.

Interviewer: What can you say about our content as Gospel artistes?

Content is very important and it all falls back on my answers about advice to music ministers. Your Message, branding, story, and relationship with God. These are elements that form your content.

Interviewer: You mentioned that you used to sing? Do you still sing?

Yes, I used to sing. After working at saxifrage, my friends and I started a music group called Joyful Sounds. We released a couple of songs and projects before we hit the pause button. Maybe one day I will get back into singing but right now I am on a journey to actualizing a greater calling which is helping Christian creatives get discovered.

Prince Oluwatosin Odumosu - The Digital Church

Interviewer: Who is your Favourite Artiste and Why?

Seriously, due to my nature of business, I don’t have a favorite. I’ve worked with a number of them personally or by contract and I must say both emerging and top artiste are awesome.

Interviewer: You mentioned that you are single, what’s your dream woman?

Aside from the necessary qualities of a Christian woman, a goal-getter and fashionista with a great sense of humor.

Interviewer: Aside Gospel music business, what other things are you involved in?

Branding and consulting for Startups and SME’s, I am an author and I also consult for churches who are interested in intensifying their digital ministry activities and also the co-convener of The Church Media and Tech Conference.

 Interviewer: We thank you so very much for your time Prince Oluwatosin  God bless you so well for all these eye-opening words. Happy birthday and happy 7th Year anniversary to 247 Gospel vibes.

God bless you

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