Bishop David Oyedepo ‘Prophetic Declarations For The Week’

Prophetic Declarations For The Week
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The prophetic declarations of Bishop David Oyedepo.. The president of Living Faith Church Int’l aka Winners Chapel.

The grace for tireless, cheerful obedience comes upon your life in the name of Jesus!
For generations to come, your life will be a reference point!
Every oppression of the devil over your life is cursed today in Jesus’ name!
No more setbacks, no more frustrations in your business in Jesus’ name!
The siege over your life, career and business is over today in Jesus’ name!
Your generation will never beg!

No one reading this will die an untimely death!
You will not be taken away by sickness in Jesus’ name!
The heavens shall remain open over you in the name of Jesus!
Very soon, there shall be a catalog of Biblical millionaires and you shall be listed therein!
You will never spend your money on sicknesses!
You won’t miss your place in the name of Jesus!
The week is declared your week; anything you touch this week shall prosper!
It’s your breakthrough testimony week!
Your miracle job is landing!

Pray this: Jesus, empower me to love You and stay in love with You, doing what You love all the days of my life! [divider]

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