Interview: Sarai Korpacz share ‘Harmony’ inspiration with Nigerian Tribune

Sarai Korpacz Interview with Nigerian Tribune Online
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Sarai Korpacz in her recently released ‘Harmony’ said the song was a call for unity and a plea for God to heal the global land. Her hometown Zipak, Kafanchan in Kaduna state was met with tragedy evoked by an extremist group, causing loss of life and other damages. In this interview by FAVOUR BOLUWADE, the New York-based singer explains how her music was influenced and inspired by her environment and how she hopes to change lives with it.

How could you explain your familiarities with the persecutions that have lingered for some time in your home state, Kaduna?

I was born in the United States, but I grew up in Nigeria so I’m familiar with the persecution that has been going on in Kaduna

Was it easy for you to start doing music in the United States especially that you have to blend into your African/Nigerian heritage? 

As a dual citizen of the US and Nigeria, I am able to relate well in both environments.

What’s your style of music? 

My style of music is labeled as Contemporary Christian music. I call it worship music because at the core we are all worshippers created to worship God.

Have you collaborated with other musicians yet? 

Not yet. I’m open to collaborations, my drive however is to get the message of God to as many people as I can.

How was growing up?

I grew up with four brothers and two sisters in a very supportive Christian household and my parents; amazing role models. I had my elementary education at Kent Academy, an American Christian school in Plateau State. I attended Air Force Girls Military School (AFGMS) in Jos. I completed my first degree in Law from University of Abuja and then masters from New York Law School in American Business Law. I also have a certificate in Financial Services Law, and I am a certified Project Management Professional, along with a number of other certifications that I have had over the years. I always try to keep learning new things through every stage of my life.

How do you bring your music back home?

Innocent Josh Ogbonnia has been very instrumental in getting my music out in Nigeria. Friends, family and words of mouth have greatly helped to increase exposure.

How have you blended your music, career and family? 

My husband and I have two daughters who are seven and nine years old. In terms of work and life balance, I thank God for the encouragement and support of my husband; my daughters have been amazing coming up with artistic ideas for their mother. They play the violin and piano and are very much interested in music. Altogether, we are able to make it work.

You released some songs this year, tell us about it? 

The first single of the year was ‘Hiding Place’. It’s a song of prayer and a place of strength in God. ‘Harmony’ on the other hand is a call for unity and a plea for God to heal our global land. It is timely, as prayer is key. My hometown Zipak, Kafanchan in Kaduna state was met with tragedy evoked by an extremist group causing loss of life and damages. The chorus was actually written last year and so with what was going on I was able to complete the song.

What challenges have you soared above during the pandemic? 

The song ‘Harmony’ was mostly done from my home office. This is the first song I produced myself and this was mainly because of the current pandemic situation. I had to learn new skills.

Though the music can be challenging, I have a passion for it and so it is constantly sparking off creativity which makes it enjoyable. It’s always a step of faith.

How has COVID-19 pandemic changed your perspective to life? 

It has made me even more aware of the things that matter most in life. Life is a gift, and it is a blessing to partake of it.

What other goals are you working on?

I am looking for ways to give back to my community. Currently, I’m working on creating a non-profit which is called Heal Our Land Yeshua (H.O.L. Y) to help heal the brokenhearted and to bring restoration to people in need.

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