Joe Praize – You Must TALK ‘SAY IT in FAITH’

Joe Praize You Must TALK
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Everything about our lives as Christians is built on our ability to talk the right talk in the face of adverse feelings or situations.

We are just like God in real sense. The account we have of God in the book of Genesis and the very first chapter makes it very clear, in VERSE 3 the Bible says God “said” , the point here is God TALKED. Imagine if God kept quiet, he saw the environment wasn’t conducive, things appeared not to be working, then he SAID, “TALKED”… let there be light and there was light. We must do the same thing that God did if we must get the God-kind of result.
The Bible says in psalm 23:1 , the lord is my shepherd I shall not want for anything … he makes me lie down in green pasture … even when you don’t see the green pasture , the secret there is to declare it (SAY IT in FAITH) because that’s what is going make it happen, that’s the secret.

Our ability to talk must not be thrown down or out when we are faced with situations no matter how terrible they may look.

You can only win when you are a winner and you can only loose when you are a looser.
It all starts with your mind then you VOICE Out your mind in FAITH.

Don’t close your mouth and just look at you go DOWN ( God and I forbid)
A closed mouth is a closed future.

We have the ability to win in an impossible environment.


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