Lauren Daigle Foundation, The Price Fund & Love Does Partnership News

Lauren Daigle Foundation
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Lauren Daigle made a very interesting statement about a partnership between her foundation, The Price Fund, and Bob Goff’s Love Does Foundation. Together the organizations will focus on building a brand new school in Congo that will eventually serve to educate more than 300 students. The school will be located in the conflict zone of Goma and will help educate the youth to help end the cycle of war and establish peace in the area. You can get updates on the Congo project and donate here.

“Educating children living in conflict zones empowers them to break the cycle of war and build a culture of peace,” shares Daigle alongside the announcement. She continues, “Attending school restores normalcy, even in the midst of conflict, and helps to restore hope in these communities. Along with a quality education, students will be taught character development, peace building skills, conflict resolution, and leadership.”

Daigle also shared a Zoom chat with Goff to discuss the news.

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