Mike Isaac Music Awards (MIMA 2019), It’s A Vision Not A Competition

Mike Isaac Music Awards (MIMA)
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Mike Isaac Music Awards: It’s A Vision Not A Competition

7 years ago I traveled to Lagos for the first time with borrowed money. I went there in search of a music marketer to market my album “CRY IT OUT”.

I met some of them, but I was humiliated. I was talked down. I was insulted. I became frustrated, humiliated. I almost threw an album I paid over 80k to produced away.

I came back from Lagos with a hole in my heart. I couldn’t eat. I almost threw away what makes me me and that is MUSIC.

Thank God I was born again. I encouraged myself in the Lord. I told myself, man may reject me, but God will never reject me…

I was still battling with rejection from man, after trekking for hours under hot sun, God dropped what has became a blessing to so many lives today in ONELGA “IT’S ALL ABOUT GOD” Worship Concert. The vision for MIM RECORDS was born that same period. To God be the glory, 7years up the line we are still growing stronger without any sponsor anywhere. Season 7 is coming up on June 30th.

I wasn’t happy how the gospel artist were treated especially in the city were I lived (ONELGA). I know what it means to put in your best in your acts but no one appreciates your effort. While meditating on the challenges Gospel Artist faced in ONELGA, the Vision for MIMA was born. I nursed this vision for 7 years and waited for the right time to let it out.

Mike Isaac Music Awards (MIMA) is not a platform for competition. It’s not a platform for show off. It’s a platform to celebrate creativity among the Gospel Artist in ONELGA. It’s a platform for encouragement.

God will help us to do more for ONELGA before we live.

Please, nomination is ongoing… Nominate your choice of artist in any categories that fit him/her.

Thank you.



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