Well Known Music Producer Mark Dowdy Releases New Book ‘Blind Faith’

Music Producer Mark Dowdy
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Mark Dowdy is well known as a music producer and as an executive and owner of Rivercrest Music, and he is also known as a budding author with the release of his first book, Blind Faith. The autobiographical publication gives the powerful journey of Dowdy’s life, as he was born blind and, in an effort to gain sight, he underwent 13 failed eye operations by age ten. Taking a break from all of the surgeries in his youth, Dowdy decided to stop any additional medical efforts. However, at 37-years-old he decided to try a new surgery that had more success with patients gaining eyesight. Blind Faith is an emotional and uplifting book that is now available at Barnes&Noble, Amazon, iTunes, Books-A-Million, Ingram., Spring Arbor, McNally Robinson, Russell Books and !ndigo.

“It is my hope that everyone who reads this book will be inspired to rise above any challenges they may face in life,” said Dowdy. “My wish is for people to be able to pursue and live out their God-given purpose.”

Dowdy’s life has been a series of obstacles that can lead to frustrations, but with his strong Christian faith, Dowdy can also embrace the joys in life. Only having light perception and vague senses of shape with his blindness at birth, he learned how to cope without the advantage of sight. Dowdy has stayed active in his life in spite of his handicap with being the first blind Eagle Scout in Georgia as a teenager, having a music career as an engineer, producer, songwriter, musician and artist, and who continually performs before thousands of audiences.

Dowdy has more than 30 years in the music business and has worked with several genres of music, while developing young vocalists and bands. His company, Rivercrest Music, started in 2010 in his hometown of Gainesville, Ga. and has grown to provide such production services as song selection, co-writing and arranging recording sessions.

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    nice inspiration
    God bless you continually and your hard work.
    My Name is Michael Arhin.
    Being a music minister is what I do think is my purpose.
    but starting it is my problem. thank you sir

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