Nathaniel Bassey ‘Music is a Powerful tool of Influence’

Nathaniel Bassey ‘Music is a Powerful tool of Influence'
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See what a popular Nigerian gospel Singer Nathaniel Bassey, said:

When a popular musician dies, if you ask those who have been fans or avid listeners of his/her music, they’ll tell you, it feels as though a part of them also died. That’s because Music has the ability to penetrate soul and spirit, connecting with people in very special ways. That’s why you should be very careful what you listen to. As it can very easily shape what and how you believe and see things and life in general.

It is a powerful tool of influence. Hence those who are entrusted with it must be careful not to abuse it. I thank God He has entrusted me with this precious gift. And every day I get to see and hear people who have been touched by what we do. I remember a young lady in Ghana recently coming after service to say THANK YOU because she did not kill her self, just by encountering our music and Ministry. And I count it a Holy privilege to be used in this manner.

To my fellow musicians, especially the music ministers, I say THANK YOU for what you do. The road sometimes can be tough. But you have stayed true. Remember you’ve got a powerful tool in your hands. Use it wisely. With humility and a deep sense of responsibility. For me, It should do two major things. GLORIFY & EDIFY. The first, vertical, and second horizontal. Glorify God and Edify Humanity. Let your music bring Life. Let it give hope. Let it shine the light in darkness. Heal, calm, assure, encourage, inspire and also reproof when necessary. Music is powerful. It even touches God. That’s why Lucifer was created with pipes such that every time He moved there was music in heaven.

What a gift He has given us. Thank You Heavenly Father for this gift. May we always use it for your glory in Jesus’ name.

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