Ondo State News: 6 pupils were initiated into witchcraft – Idayat revealed.

6 pupils were initiated into witchcraft
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6 pupils who were initiated into witchcraft in Ondo state speak.

According to Omo Edema, the oldest pupil who was identified as Idayat revealed that she was initiated by her elderly female neighbor in their old house. Idayat further disclosed that she also initiated her four sisters. The young girl during the interview further disclosed that all she was given was biscuit and ground by the elderly woman and ever since, she has been bringing people’s glories to them.

Idayat said: “I can’t remember the year I was initiated into witchcraft, but can remember I joined them in the house we were living before at Idole, Akure. One day a little girl like me then came to me and said I should accompany her somewhere which I obliged. She took me to an elderly woman where they gave me biscuit and groundnuts. I ate them there. Immediately I finished eating those things, they commanded me to go and begin to bring people’s glories to them. I have not collected many glories. I have only taken the glories of my mother and father to them.” According to the little girl, she disclosed that the elderly woman and another member of the group, Eunice have taken the glories of others living in their compound. A house said to have contained about twenty rooms.

Idayat further revealed that she and Eunice are highly ranked in their coven and have four different birds to their possession. She said the birds stay live in their bellies. Speaking on what she uses the birds for, Idayat disclosed that she uses them to inflict pains on her parents to if they try to correct her for doing something wrong.

She said: “The first bird in my belly is used for troubling my mother for punishing me for my wrong doings. The second one is used for pushing my mother into heavy debt. The third one is used to invoke misfortune on my father while the fourth bird is used for sending my father out of his matrimonial home.” Idayat who is the daughter of a Muslim cleric further disclosed that they converge for their meeting at any available uncompleted buildings. However, other people she mentioned also confessed to being a member of the coven. Idayat’s mother blamed the issue on her husband who she said had failing in his true parenting. Sad!

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