Pastor David Olalekan Adewale speaks on God mercy

Pastor David Olalekan Adewale
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Few days ago Pastor David Olalekan posted on his facebook where he talks about the importance of Faith, According to his post he said:

“Faith is the required CAPITAL for creation and recreation… to replicate any result you have seen and desire, or to make happen something that humanity had not witnessed, your faith is the capital for such project or endeavour”.

Yesterday been 1st of March he also he also took to his facebook to share a new month welcome message which we titled God mercy. He said:

“Welcome to a new month and new mercies of God. David had deep understanding of the enduring capacity of God’s mercies and His life further shows us that God’s mercy truly endures. The servant of Abraham said that His master was not in destitute of God’s mercy.

Lets live with greater consciousness of God’s mercies over our lives. As we boldly approach the throne of Grace, we obtain mercy and find grace to help us in the new month in Jesus name”.

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