Paul Adefarasin, “Though One May Be Overpowered”

Paul Adefarasin Though One May Be Overpowered
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Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecc. 4:12.

Are you waiting for things to turnaround before you praise God? In all that you are going through, God sees you. He can change the trajectory of your life and give you a turnaround without you begging for it. So praise Him in advance, knowing that He will surely do all He promised.

Are you mourning the death of your hopes, dreams or opportunities? Just because something dies does not mean it has to go to the grave. God is able to restore all that has been lost completely and when He restores, He does so wholly and gives you back even better than what you started with.

I prophesy to you that over the next few days all the things on your life that have declined will sit up and be revived again.

The Lord is closer to you even in your present situation; the power of deliverance is not far from you. Don’t give in, don’t bury “the dead” yet because something is about to happen.

= Pastor Paul Adefarasin =

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