[Question] See Majid Michel Response on, Did Jesus ever write a Book?

Majid Michel
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Majid Michel is a popular award winning Ghanaian actor who recently accepted Christ wholeheartedly and is showing it off to the world. The question was ask, Majid did Jesus ever write a book?

Majid Michel Responded “Jesus never wrote a book but no one has written more books about any one than they have about Jesus. Jesus never sung a song as we know but majority of all the songs seem to be songs sung about him. it seems like he has erected the monument of his honor in the hearts and minds of men and women so much so that everybody seems to be walking around with him constantly in their minds and even on the tips of their lips that when something terrible happens or when there is danger or a sudden encounter, those who claim they don’t even believe in him shout his name “JESUS CHRiST”!! Without even knowing.! Even the atheists think about him. Why? Because his life was a life that was totally fulfilled.

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