SCOAN: Mama Evelyn Joshua Welcomes Back Prophet Racine

Evelyn Joshua
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The Chairperson of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), Lagos, Evelyn Joshua, welcomes back Prophet Racine Bousso from Senegal.

Prophet Racine told Evelyn Joshua that The Synagogue Church of all Nations is his home.



  • To Evelyn Joshua: Not long ago you accused him and the other prophets of breaking the vault and stealing millions. Have you apologised for that or have you just forgotten that you caused them disgrace by falsely accusing them of the unthinkable.

    To Prophet Racine Bousso: this woman (Evelyne) has brought you back because she needs you. She wants to use your presence in the SCOAN to show a semblance of continuity. I know that you are back because your faithfulness to Prophet TB Joshua. Unfortunately, SCOAN has become a family business and you will always be a foreigner. Therefore, calmly prepare your exit from that trap. Follow Yinka’s step ad create your own Ministry. By doing so, you will uphold TB Joshua’s legacy because, if you didn’t understand that, he had been preparing you for that.

  • I agree with you, if you listened to one of the videod interviews TB Joshua did mention that God had already appointed His successors , from America, UK and Africa, He ironically refused to admit that his wife was suppose to take over No! To the contrally! Ms Everline simply decided to take things for granted and declared herself a leader! Why why! God can not appoint people like that. TB Joshua 4 days before his departure on video- 1st of June, 2021 , when he was praying for people in India, he held hands with both Racine and Angela -American and and TB Joshua himself addressed them as Prophets for the first time, me as one of his mentee and born again God fearing christian, l learnt that Racine and Angela he held hands with were his chosen to continue God’s mission. God has power to remove anyone by force , for his work to carry on. Ms Everline must just back off and let God use His people he has Annointed. She shouldn’t be fooled by people who just want Money from Scoan , for their own selfish motives, leave the job for the Annointed. She can either take back the role she had when her husband was alive or go out of Scoan cause she will be a Stumbling block to the growth of this ministry. All this is LOVE OF MONEY , do you think this money can reach to the needy if she could clearly demonstrate that she was not happy with the seat the husband gave her. She was always on her seat, why was she not used when her husband was alive? Because she was not called for the Gospel of annointed to do the work of God. God forbid! For the sake of Lost souls around the world , please leave Scoan and let God do His work through people he has Annointed. No one can fly from far just to come and listen to Ms Everline preaching without Being Healed, or delivered? Miracles? Ms Everline couldn’t ask herself why even annointing water in her hands spraying on people could not deliver anyone. Why, because God who sees our heart doesn’t want her there. She has bullying spirits , so better she leaves Scoan for the ministry to go further. If she does leave believe you me, God has power to remove her out of Scoan with her group.

  • That video has never been played where TB Joshua held Prophet Racine and Angela, why she knows that was God telling her that in the next 4 days lm taking my servant away from this Earth and these are the people I need. Why can she also play the video where TB Joshua was interviewed over his successor?

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