September 2018 New Gospel Music Trailer (To Be Release)

September 2018 New Gospel Music
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Fall is upon us, and with it come these fantastic new releases from some great artists! With a mix of releases from newer artists and returning favorites alike, you’ll be bopping to some new tunes as you break out the cardigans and sip on pumpkin spice lattes!

Lauren Daigle – Look Up Child (September 7th)
Lauren’s much-anticipated second full-length release is filled with funky rhythms and fresh lyrics. She has poured her heart and soul into crafting each song, and it shows in the passion with which she sings on this record. Featuring the encouraging song “You Say,” all about our identity in Christ, this album is a must-have for any fans of worship, CCM, and gospel.

Austin French – Wide Open (September 7th)
A lot has happened in the life of Austin French this year, one thing being the release of the former indie artist’s first full-length album. You don’t want to miss this 24-year-old’s versatile musical style. Interspersed throughout powerful ballads are singles “Good Feeling,” which is filled with groovy guitar riffs and soulful bass lines, and “Born Again,” which combines hip-hop and heavy Southern rock. The title track, “Wide Open,” even features Matthew West!

Blanca – Shattered (September 14th)
Former Group 1 Crew vocalist Blanca is about to release her second full-length album on September 14th, and she has kept releasing amazing single after amazing single! Standouts include power ballads “Real Love” and “Shattered,” as well as R&B-reminiscent “Undeniable” and “Steady.”

Fit For A King – Dark Skies (September 14th)
Metal band Fit For a King has done it again! Dark Skies is their fifth full-length album and comes at a time of serious political unrest in America. The band has intentionally written songs that address this, as well as other issues such as mental illness, from a Biblical perspective. Their single “The Price of Agony” cries out for unity despite the many divisions that currently exist in our country.

Jonathan Nelson – Declarations (September 14th)
The prolific gospel artist is about to release his fifth album, and, as the name suggests, each song contains powerful declarations of victory, praise, and healing in the Name of Jesus. From upbeat tunes like “I Agree” to slower anthems like “Redeemed,” Jonathan Nelson delivers a reminder of God’s sovereignty throughout this new release.

Manafest – Stones Reloaded (September 21st)
The remixed version of 2017’s Stones is lit, for lack of a better word. Chicagoan Doug Weier, a major producer for multiple Christian artists, has remixed the entire album, including the 2013 single “Overboard.” An intro and outro have also been added to this album. Notable remixes include those of “Find a Way to Fight” and “Coming Back.” You won’t want to miss the opportunity to jam out to these new Manafest remixes!

Stars Go Dim – Better EP (September 21st)
Chris Cleveland, aka Stars Go Dim, has been teasing fans with singles since April in anticipation of the EP that releases September 21st. Folk-pop “Heaven on Earth,” hip-hop “I Look to You,” acoustic/electronic “Pieces,” and pop ballad “You Know Me Better,” are just snippets of what we’re about to hear in this EP.

Elevation Worship – Hallelujah Here Below (September 28th)
Churches everywhere are about to receive a fresh batch of songs to lead in worship! This new Elevation album features singles “Here Again” and “Won’t Stop Now,” both of which lyrically lead worshipers into the presence of God. Their full release also features Tauren Wells in a song, which will surely be a must-hear collaboration.

Gateway – Greater Than (September 28th)
Gateway Worship has been hard at work on this new album, which releases at the end of September. Although we don’t know too much about it quite yet, the one single they have released so far, “Deliverance,” is a powerful anthem of Christ’s victory over sin and death. Based on this song, the rest of the album should be just as amazing.

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