Shiloh 2021 Expectation Card PDF Free Download

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Shiloh 2021 Expectation Card PDF Free Download

Download Shiloh 2021 Expectation Card


  • Tun my life and my family to Devin testimony from now onwards lord favor me to be a helper in life please lord anwsn my prayers

  • My shiloh expectation for 2021,
    1) speedy marital manifestation before the end of 2021
    2) supernatural release of my promotion with all the financial benefits back dated to 2012
    3) my miracle triplets by Sept 2022
    4) all round turnaround and grace for advancement of the kingdom

  • 1: )marital break through,I rush myself into my Devine marriage in the name of Jesus.
    2:) supernatural release of a great and better job with out stress and a good pay in the name of Jesus.
    3:) All round financial breakthrough to start up my business in 2022 in the name of Jesus.
    4:)Jesus I pray for a miracle car gift from Dennis as promised in the name of Jesus.
    5Father I pray for Devine healing for my son Anderson in the name of Jesus

  • I need a financial breakthrough before the end of 2021. Marital breakthrough before Easter 2022…open doors I plead oh lord of Shiloh , Devine protection I ask oh lord of Shiloh , and so shall it be amen . Devine turnaround ,good health and wisdom amen..

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