Testimonies from 2018 Hallelujah Challenge with Nathaniel Bassey

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ONLY fools doubt proofs, See below some recorded testimonies from the 2018 14 Days Hallelujah Challenge with Nathaniel Bassey that was concluded yesterday 9th July.


####Good morning sir, Thank God for your testimony. I join the challenge after my friend told me about it. Am married an each time i take in dream of having sex in my dreams and lad have abortions am currently 5 months pregnant last night i had a similar dream and for the first time in my dreams i stood my grounds to say to the person who came to defile me. i just want to thank God for what He has started he will complete it IJMN. Am also trusting Him for am excellent resutks come 20-7-18####

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####Good Morning Pastor Nath!
My sister was not aware of the Halleluyah challenge last year so when it came up this year she was the first person I informed.
Two years ago she had an accident and a fracture on her left leg.since then her left leg has been slightly shorter than the right leg. A few nights ago when Sis Bukky was leading worship she was singing along and suddenly her she felt her left leg touch the ground!!!! Something she has not felt since her accident as it was shorter than the
Right one. She has to get her husband to confirm. Her legs are now equal Pastor Nath. She said no one would believe this testimony but I do believe!!!!#####


####God bless, keep and increase you Pastor Nat. This is not one of the 14 things on my list but honestly it’s my greatest testimony and I bless God. For the first time ever my family came together to pray for hours every night for two weeks. This has never happened before, we may come together as a family and pray once in a while but it’s never a continuous thing and the greatest part is sometimes when the network was down or even after the one hour prayers.#### Hallelujah !

SFTER 9 Yeas of separtion, The waymaker reunited this couple. That’s why we can’t help but love and serve this GOD.

###The song that was sang during the Hallelujah Festival this morning Emma Emmanuel Emmanuel eee wow Brother Nathaniel thank for the worship songs . From Namibia I really appreciate God for being part of Hallelujah Challenge. I have another testimony and I will share it soon from last year Hallelujah challenge i this year God reunited me with my husband after separated for 9yrs . it was one of my prayer point last year June.####

May he heal and restore every troubled marriage and home in Jesus’ name

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