Three Things That Make Mercy Chinwo Stand Out Nigerian Music Industry

I am Abili Samuel and I am dedicated to Music Excellence

Three Things That Make Mercy Chinwo Stand Out
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Three things that make Mercy Chinwo stand out in the Nigerian Music Industry

1. Mercy Chinwo has completed her work on vocal Development, Mercy’s voice can be used for an international theme song. Every corner of her voice is well developed.

2. She sings chords…
She picks individual notes in a chord and sing, she doesn’t do Random pentatonic singing.

Singing in Chord is actually the way music was designed to be.

In one of her songs, she even went ahead to show off by singing solfa notes to say, “This music, we settle down study am”

3. She has good command, sense of rhythm, she sings like a drummer and creates sweet rhythms.

Does anyone know Mercy Chinwo’s full story?

She didn’t sit down doing what most singers does year in, year out.

Most choir singers are used to doing the same things, sing on Monday, then Saturday Rehearsal, Sunday service. Same Routine for the past 10 years, no plan to improve beyond how they sang.

It almost seems like the University school days were the best in most of our singers.
After University, most singers have made little or no improvement to develop a step further from where they are.

There is no Voodoo in music, if you do the same things she did, you will get the same results.

See eh!! even if you sing off-key, there are people who will still celebrate and encourage you.

Our churches are experts in that, even when your vocal delivery is dropping, they will say let us welcome the Best Choir in the World, then we say to ourselves “We Have Arrived”

Everyone is a King in his Father’s Farm but my wish and desire for every singer in 2021 is to become outstanding.

I am Abili Samuel and I am dedicated to Music Excellence.

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