To Miss Peter Obi in 2023 is like Missing Rapture – Charles Omoh

To Miss Peter Obi in 2023 is To Miss A Rapture - Charles Omoh
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Funkiest Pastor Apostle Charles Omoh comes under fire for comparing the Nigerian election to rapture!

In his words; “To Miss Peter Obi in 2023 is To Miss A Rapture”-Apostle Charles Omoh.

The funkiest Pastor as he is popularly called, warns; that to miss Peter Obi as the winner of the 2023 presidential election would mean missing a rapture.

A statement that has been viewed as blasphemous by many; comparing an election to rapture is blasphemy.
The multi-talented, entertainment and hybrid pastor buttressed that rapture is not the same as the rapture.

Pay attention to details and spot the difference he counseled.

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