Travis Greene – When God Speaks He speaks from the Future

Travis Greene
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Travis Greene “There is nothing wrong with writing the vision as long as it’s GOD’s Vision. Make sure you’re pursuing God’s vision for your life and not YOUR vision.”

When God speaks, He speaks from the future because he’s not caged in to the resources the connections to even your knowledge of today.

God doesn’t see a mile away He sees an eternity away. So he’s speaking from a place that you’re yet to arrive to. It’s like a chess game, He always makes some move to set up the next move. But if you’re so addicted to your logic that you need to understand every about today then you forfeit what he has for your tomorrow. Because often times God will give an instruction that won’t make sense until you get there.

God says i always have a plan before you have a problem.

I always have a solution, before you have a situation.

And I’ll bring you to a place that requires your faith to lift up to the heavenly standard.

So when you step then I’ll move. You’ve been waiting on God and he’s been waiting on you.

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