What The Fifth Month Represent

What The Fifth Month Represent
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The Fifth Month Represent Grace, Whatever Your Efforts Has Failed To Accomplished God’s Grace Will Fix It For You This Month.

Because The Foolishness Of God Is Wiser Than Men And The Weakness Of God Is Stronger Than Men, You Will By The Helps Of God Obtain Outstanding Results In All Your Endeavours This Month.

Nothing Shall Fail In Your Hands This Month, What To Celebrate And Rejoice Over Will Continue To Happen In Your Life, It’s Your Month Of Exploits, Answers, Fruitfulness, And Unending Progress.

There Shall Be No Hindrance, Accident, Failure ,Lack And Want, Sickness And Disease.

The Lord Shall Go Before You And Make The Crooked Places Straight, And Break In Pieces The Gates Of Brass And Cut In Sunder The Bars Of Iron And Introduce You To A New Order Of His Blessings For You.

Your Resources Shall Never Dry Up  In Jesus Name. Luke 5:1-11, 1Cor 15:10. 1cor 1:24-29 .Isa. 45:1-3 Isa.48:17. Psalm 128. Isa.60:1-22 Joel2:23-28 Zech.9:11-12

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