Why the World Is Waking Up and Why It’s Too Late to Change Anything

Why the World Is Waking Up
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Most know how much room is needed to turn a ship around, especially a huge cargo carrier. They also know how much distance is required to stop a large freight train. These are only tiny vehicles in the world of which the planet is but one of billions in the universe. Yet, man dreams that he can stop what is now the inevitable destruction of the earth, as if it is nothing more than a boat on the ocean.

It is like a huge ship, a monster in which we are all travelling. It is headed for the brink and soon it will plummet into the depths of destruction, and everyone on board likewise. Those who can see far enough ahead are waking up. “What have we done?” they may cry. “How to stop it” mourn others.

No one can stop it or change its course. We have neither the distance nor time to do anything. What is happening now is the consequence of several millennia of abuse coupled with the dreams of Big Men who imposed their will and have devastated it.

But is that the fault of humanity or of God? The question is, which God? How many gods, or places of eternity, and devils, angels and saints, are there and how many has mankind dreamed up? The confusion is so thick one can cut it if there was a knife big enough.

Whatever religions teach is wrong. My reincarnation is proof that heaven and hell are myths and part of the power that support the dreams and overturn reality. A commission given to me is to ‘tear down the wall of confusion’. I have been doing that through my web sites and articles. But there is so much more to accomplish.

Slowly some are waking up and turning their minds towards the Spirit of the Universe, the only God. They are coming away from the religious rubbish and seeing clearly for the first time in their lives what reality is about.

It’s not hinged to man’s dreams or to the sticky myths of the past. It’s about a mighty power that is searching for its own people. They are the spiritual ones who are now experiencing miracles of healing, speaking in tongues and communicating directly with it. They are not those who believe in idols and who pray to false gods.

“For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean” Isaiah 28:8

But there is more to what is happening as people wake up to the deception of religious lies and cover-up. They created the idols as fake representations of their dreams and forced everyone who is connected to them to worship and pray to them. Now the real God is working to gather in the harvest and bring forth its spiritual people. Listen and obey!

“For in that day every man shall cast away his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which your own hands have made unto you for a sin” Isaiah 31:7

How many can and will wake up to the tricks, magic, smoking mirrors, and other deception to return to the Spirit and bring peace into their lives? How many? I wonder! It’s too late to change what is happening to the world but not to address what the real God wants for its own people.

Norma Holt knows that the basic premise of the world order is upholding religious ideology and myths. Her extensive research went to the heart of the heaven and hell scenario to demonstrate how far man has gone to create his own paradise on earth while living through hell to do it.

Norma Holt

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