Winners Chapel Shiloh 2019 Breaking Limits with Bishop David Oyedepo

Winners Chapel Shiloh 2019 Breaking Limits
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The theme for this year’s annual Shiloh meeting at the Living Faith Church has been tagged “Breaking Limits”.

Shiloh 2019 Breaking Limits has been announced by the Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church A.K.A Winners chapel. Shiloh is one of the most famous and most attended programs in Nigeria. Every year, the Bishop of this great commission announces the theme for the next year, so as to get the people of Christ prepared. As you all know, soldiers are meant to prepare themselves before going onto the battleground!

With this, I will be introducing you to the Shiloh 2019 Breaking Limits. Here, in this article, you will get full-time features. So, if you are considering attending this life-changing convention, then this article is just for you. Not just that! If you also do not have an idea about this, then you should also check this out.

Shiloh 2019 Breaking Limits

The Winners Chapel founder, Bishop David Oyedepo has declared the Shiloh 2019 theme as Breaking Limits. This annual program is a medium to reach out to the world and liberate people under the oppression of the devil. It is a gathering among people in the church headquarters, which is the Faith Tabernacle in Canaanland, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Shiloh 2019 Winners Chapel

All through the years, this Shiloh encounter has been helping, lots of people have been able to grab one testimony or the other. With this, you should also work towards having your own spiritual encounter. To get hold of this encounter, the sessions for this program are the morning and evening sessions. Both sessions are open to all those who would love to attend the Winners Chapel branch nearest to you.

So, you should get ready, as you await this life-changing and spiritual encounter program attended by millions of people from different parts of the world. As you attend, make sure you have an expectation and your expectations will never be cut off. Shiloh 2019 Breaking Limits is set to liberate all those who are oppressed by the devil.

Get ready to encounter God. Shiloh 2019! Breaking Limits!

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