ZOE Worship Church Releases 4 track Debut EP – BE OKAY

ZOE Worship Church Be Okay
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Los Angeles-based ZOE Church kicks off the awaited sophomore run of its sold out two-day mega conference, the eclectic new worship group from the popular millennial church launches their first-ever musical project hours before doors open at Zoe Conference 2018: an impassioned 4-track EP titled BE OKAY, now available on all major music streaming platforms including iTunes and Spotify.

With a fresh perspective and credence on what worship music can look and sound like in the twenty first century, ZOE Worship independently arrives on the Christian music scene with a thoughtfully-blended, confident identity across pop, gospel, R&B and inspirational genres. BE OKAY, the focus track by the same name, serves as a declaration that threads the EP together— a believer’s anthem for an uncertain life with a certain Savior.

“We get so excited when experimenting sonically with different sounds that intrigue or resonate with us; it feels very personal,” said Marcus James, lead vocalist and songwriter on the EP’s title track, which marries smooth urban pop/synth influences. “BE OKAY feels like our overarching message to the world— a reminder that there is no low too low for God to redeem.”

Co-produced by veteran sound designer and industry giant, vaiyeh, widely-known for his work with Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Justin Bieber, added that he hopes people will “experience God in a new way through distinct sounds and melodies.”

“At ZOE we have a saying,” said lead pastor of ZOE Church, Chad Veach, “‘Make more room, reach more people,’ and I truly believe that the universal nature of music can invade souls before words do, that the melody will go further than the message. ZOE Worship is another expression of our church, and we’re making the kind of music that we love. The dream is that the music reaches people who need the message within it, and lives are forever impacted because of it.”

“BE OKAY” Full EP Track Listing:
1. Caught Air
2. Momentum
3. Crowded Cross

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