[GMQuote] 10 Inspirational Quotes by Two Anointed Minister

10 Inspirational Quotes by Two Anointed Minister
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<1.> Don’t Put Your Trust In People. People Will Invariably Walk In And Out Of Your Life As Situations Demand. Even Your Shadow Leaves You When You Are In Dark Places. – Dr. Sonnie Badu.

<2.> God is in the business of finding people who will abandon themselves for the pursuit of Him. – Pastor Travis Greene.

<3.> Have You Notice That Those Who Turn Against You Are The Very Ones You Sacrificed and Helped In Their Time Of Need? – Dr. Sonnie Badu.

<4.> Living contrary to God’s truth, will lead you to bondage. – Pastor Travis Greene.

<5.> They Will Try All The Obvious Tricks In The Book To Bring You Down, But Guess What? Their Dirty Traps Will Blow Up In Their Faces Very Soon… Just Pretend You Have Not Seen Them. – Dr. Sonnie Badu.

<6.> The more you glorify God, the weaker the enemy becomes. – Pastor Travis Greene.

<7.> When There Is No Enemy Within, The Enemy Outside Cannot Hurt You. – Dr. Sonnie Badu.

<8.> God is ready to show his strength in our weak areas, for it brings him glory! – Pastor Travis Greene.

<9.> You Don’t Need A Million People Around You, All You Need is one person that believes in you no matter what. – Dr. Sonnie Badu.

<10.> Heaven is more concerned about the rhythm of our hearts, rather than with our abilities. – Pastor Travis Greene.

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