Daily Inspiration :: TD Jakes – What Brought You Can’t Take You!

TD Jakes - What Brought You Can't Take You!(Photos Screenshot from Instagram)
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What brought you can’t take you. You’ve got to go to the threshing floor.” The threshing floor was a place where wheat was separated into what was wheat and what was chaff.

God sent David to the threshing floor to deal with the things that weren’t usable in his life.

God is calling you to the threshing floor of your heart! He is calling you there to try the things that aren’t beneficial for your growth.

The thing about the threshing floor is that, to separate the good wheat from the rest, it must be beaten.

When God calls you higher, He must first get rid of the things that will hinder you at your new level.

The pressure in your life will not only make you stronger but will prove what you have been standing on.

You can’t test the foundation of a house without putting some weight on it.

You can’t test the strength of a knee until you put some weight on it. You can’t prove the longevity of a relationship until you put it under pressure.

It may hurt now but when you get done at the threshing floor, you will emerge as pure as gold!

–  Bishop TD Jakes –

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