9 Things To Do To Avoid A Wasted Life – By Pastor Paul Enenche

Pastor Paul EnenchePastor Paul Enenche
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9 Things To Do To Avoid A Wasted Life – By Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche – Senior Pastor, Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Worldwide.

Beloved, we are clearly in the very last days, and every second counts. In this video, I enumerate nine (9) very important things to do in order to live a profitable, impactful life.

1. Maintain quality spirituality – Matthew 6:33
a. Your spirituality is the foundation for your destiny
b. Your root in God determines your height in life

2. Maintain quality relationship with people – Act 14:20
a. Who surrounds you determines what you can survive in life

3. Live on purpose – Daniel 1:8
a. A life of no purpose is a life of no profit
b. Where life is without a bearing it becomes a burden

4. Develop your potentials – Proverbs 18:6
a. Your gift determines your lift.
b. Your potential is your vehicle to your destination
c. To neglect your gift is to neglect your lift

5. Maximise life’s opportunities. Live with a sense of urgency. Seize the moment – Ephesians 5:15
a. You need a sense of urgency to fulfill destiny.
b. Procrastination sustains stagnation.

6. Make a difference on others – Matthew 7:12
“You can get anywhere you want to get to in life if you can assist as many other people as possible get to where they are going in life.”
a. A life lived for self is a life lived for small. It is when you live beyond yourself that you live beyond your time.
b. It is making a difference that is superior to making a living

7. Avoid strife – 2Timothy 2:24
“Those who strive for excellence don’t strive with people.”
a. Every invitation to bitterness is an invitation to backwardness.

8. Be committed to kingdom service – Exodus 23:25
a. When you serve God, He services you.
b. The blessing is tied to service.

9. Live in the consciousness of eternity – Romans 14:12
a. It is the consciousness of eternity that imparts caution to action.

You will not waste your life in Jesus Name! – Pastor Paul Enenche

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