[VIDEO SERMON] Bishop T.D. Jakes – I Didn’t Know I Was Me

Bishop T.D. Jakes - I Didnt Know I Was Me
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Watch video Bishop T.D. Jakes amazing sermon titled “I Didn’t Know I Was Me”.

God lives in eternity and we reside in time. The latter is a matrix that God created within eternity; however, He is not subject to it. To this end, God speaks to our existence in eternity to transform our reality. When He calls us, we recognize that we don’t fit in because He set us apart. Whenever God thrusts us into uncomfortable situations, He’s shifting us. During this transition, our feelings cannot be trusted as our self-worth isn’t predicated upon how we feel. Therefore, remain steadfast. We’re one decision away from a supernatural release!⁣

“This word is for me. I am afraid. All the glimpses of who I am is frightening. My mind gets blown and I hide in the wine press. I’ve grown accustom to the beatings that I accept it as my place. But my God I know that’s a lie. The angels have spoken. Have your way Lord. I am your Warrior!!!!! Its my time to show up as me. Glory to God. ” – Aura .I. Martin.

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