Sermon: Guidelines On Hearing From God Part 1 – Dr Paul Enenche

Guidelines On Hearing From God Part 1 - Dr Paul Enenche
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Pastor Dr Paul Enenche – SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the things that will facilitate our hearing and receiving from God

One of the most important things that will happen to anybody is to know what God is saying and do what He is saying



  1. Be filled with the Word of God continually; so as to discern if what you are hearing is God or not (Ps. 29:2; Eph. 5:26)
    This is so you can know if what you are hearing is God or not
  2. Be committed to doing what is written while seeking what He is saying (John 15:16; Ex. 23:25)
    Identify something the Word of God says you should so that God can say what you are expecting Him to say
  3. Be patient in the process of learning and knowing His Voice (1 Sam. 3:1-9; 16:1-8)
    Don’t be too angry if you ever missed; it shows that you are human
    Ask God to help you to hear Him better
  4. Don’t expect God to speak to you exactly the same way He speaks to another because that may get you discouraged (Matthew 2:1-End)
    Trust God to speak to you in the way that is unique to you
    Trust God to speak to you in the language you can understand
  5. Don’t be prejudiced regarding what you want to hear from God (Ezek. 14:4-5)
    Don’t decide what you are expecting to hear before God has said anything
    It is difficult to hear God when you have determined what you want to hear
    The easiest way to hear from God is when you have no choice in the matter – Kathryn Kuhlman
    Don’t put words in the mouth of God
  6. Don’t expect God to speak in areas or on issues where His Will is already known (1 John 5:14; Jer. 3:15)
  7. Never attempt to trivialize the Voice of God (Ps. 29:4)
    Don’t expect God to speak on issues that you already know
    Leave Divine direction for drastic/critical life or junction decisions
  8. Don’t get discouraged when God appears silent (Ps. 85:8)
    8a. You may be on the right track and there may be no need to speak
    8b. Perhaps you are being proved, tried or tested with what He spoke before, and you know the Teacher does not speak during exams
    8c. There may be something God spoke to you about before that you haven’t done yet
    8d. God may be speaking in ways that you are not hearing, seeing, paying attention to or familiar with
    8e. Maybe it is not time for Him to speak on what you are asking about (Eccl. 3:11)
  9. Watch out for peace whenever you receive from God (Ps. 85:8)
    Anything you claim to receive from God that makes you lose your peace, something is wrong because God speaks peace (Ps. 85:8)
    There is nothing stronger than the Word of God and the witness of the Spirit evidenced by the peace in your heart
  10. Whenever you are in doubt, crosscheck with God and trust Him for more witnesses (Matt. 18:16)
    God will never leave Himself without a witness

Father, I am expecting your touch and expecting Your Hand; do something in my life Lord, in Jesus’ Name!

Father, thank You for Your Word to me today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


  • Communion for opening of spiritual eyes, ears and understanding
  • Sharpness of mentality is released by this communion
  • Everything not planted by God in your body is flushed out by this communion


  • From this night forward, it will be easy!
  • In the name above every name, clarity is coming for you
  • The Hand of God is coming upon you tonight that will make you to hear Him clearly!
  • Battles shall be finished!
  • This fasting is not going to finish and your battle remains!
  • Any area of life where there has been a battle, this week is not permitted to end until that battle is over!
  • His Face shall be visible in your life and that shall translate into favour and acceptance!
  • Today, your speed just changed!
  • There is victory in the air and before the end of the week you shall return with your testimony!

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