Victoria Orenze ‘Disciples Vs Mentees’ Jesus Unhindered Ministry

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Victoria Orenze speaks on the topic “Disciples Vs Mentees” at Jesus Unhindered Ministry

A disciple or a mentee?

  • Being a mentee seem to be an easy and quicker way out of being a disciple these days. As mentees, We want a mentor to amplify, showcase, give us visibility/platforms and approve of us to the world. But the truth is that you and I have been called to discipleship by Jesus Christ.
  • I am not to mentor you to see my achievements or limitations but to disciple you to see, knowing follow the person of Jesus Christ; who He is, what He wants and what He is capable of doing.
  • Our testimonies and achievements should only make you see and glorify Jesus Christ.
  • Listen to this teaching and share with many. True discipleship is what will produce the revival we want to see in our world!

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