FLF Drops Self-Titled Debut LP

FLF Self-Titled Debut LP
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Christian Hip-Hop artist FLF has released his self-titled debut. The album features deep content and lyricism over intricate production from DSTL (Daniel Steele), Wontel, Canis Major, and Khompono.

FLF tracklisting

1. Flood (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣

2. Last Supper (prod. Khompono)⁣

3. Anthem of the Valley (prod. Khompono)⁣

4. Stigmata (prod. Wontel)⁣

5. My Life (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣

6. 22 (prod. Canis Major)⁣

7. Wolves (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣

8. Wide Awake (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣

9. Revival (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣

10. American Hebrew (prod. Daniel Steele)⁣

11. Last Supper (Demo) (prod. Khompono)⁣

FLF is available Now STREAM / DOWNLOAD.

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