What Is The Church Doing About The End SARS – Wale Adenuga

What Is The Church Doing About End SARS
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What is the church doing? Wale Adenuga had a couple of people ask him this question with respect to the #endsars protests.

The church is doing a lot. Don’t get things twisted. The church is not the building. Also, the leader of a church is not the church. He or she is just a part of the whole.

The church is dispersed and is on the streets and God’s young children are deeply involved and invested in this protest. You need to wear the glasses that God puts on (ooops) to see that Jehovah is moving in this season.

You see, we are used to waiting for the church institution to move. But I tell you, before and during covid, God democratised and devolved holding powers in some ways. I told a couple of friends then, there’s a power shift going on.

For instance, prayer walks have been going on during this agitation in different cities. By young men and women with influence from different denominations. I can bet you (is that even correct English?), that these young friends of mine don’t know which local assembly their marching partner attends. Because it’s not important.

For long we pushed denominations and church brands based on our preferences. But I’ve said this and I say it again, God’s purpose is bigger than our preferences. And that’s what’s playing out now.

The coffee has been brewing for a long time. The smell still lingers.

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