Asaph Tribe Debut Single ‘Ebube Dike’

Asaph Tribe - Ebube Dike
Gospel Songs Mp3

Asaph Tribe an upcoming artist released his first debut single titled Ebube Dike (Glorious God)-The only God that is reliable and can be trusted in any situation.

Ebube Dike is revelational and divine, expressing my gratitude to God for all His love and care for me and my family. Of a truth if not for God I would have been dead by now. Glorious God has been so good to me. Join me sing to Him, Please download, listen to the song and share with friends let it reach ends of the earth that God is able to save, keep and deliver. He can

LYRICS: for “EBUBE DIKE” By Asaph’s Tribe
Ebube dike nar’ekele /2x
(Glorious God, take all the thanks)

Chukwu o ma me, narotuto
(Good God take all the glory)

Imela o narekele
(My good God, take all the praise)

Verse 1: Why He loves me i cannot tell
why He cares for me i cannot tell
You too much papa mo
Take all the glory and all the praise.
chorus: Ebube dike narekele etc

Verse 2: When everyone desert me
you are always there for me
when i think all hope is lost
you are always there for me
when no life to leave no food to eat
you are always there for me o
when i think all hope is lost
you are always there for me

Ibuchukwu idiomini
(You are God, you are awesome)

Okaka e, Onyekeruwa
(The greatest, the creator of the World)
Ibuchukwu mo, idiomini
(you are my God ooo, you are awesome)

Eze mo, narakele mo
(My King ooo, accept my thanks)

Chorus repeat with adlib

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