Music Video: Attaboy – Fearless

Attaboy Fearless
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Indiana-based pop/rock band Attaboy releases “Fearless” from Radiate Music worldwide, leading classroom assemblies followed by evenings, full-production coast-to-coast concerts and performing in camps during the summer months. The song is now accessible on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music,, Pandora, and more digital distributors worldwide.

Written by the group and created, engineered and mixed by Doug Weier (Anberlin, We Are Leo), “Fearless” channels infectious pop music that has brought success to Attaboy’s radio and continuous years of full-time touring.

Attaboy – ‘Fearless’ encourages listeners to live a life that is not limited by fear and doubt, but one that is inspired by truth and lived to the fullest,” shares Attaboy’s Jeff Edgel (guitar/piano). “An abundant life begins when we’re able to block out the negativity and lies of this world, and instead live courageously.”


Open my eyes
I realize
Hearing the truth and seeing through the lies
You’ve been saying for years
All of my fears
Are nothing but static in my ears

So why, tell me why, would I turn back now
You’ve never let me down

You got me fearless, fearless
Feelin’ like I’m unafraid
Like I’m living now
You got me fearless, fearless
Feelin’ like I’m unafraid
Feelin’ like I’m living

I’m lost in my mind
Caught in rewind and feeling paralyzed
You remind me again
Living begins
Wherever these doubts come to an end

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