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Onye N’ekwu is executed in quintessential Tru Mantra style with Henrisoul’s sublime delivery on the hook.

The song title roughly translates as “Who is speaking?” and asks the listener a number of potent questions. Does the voice of external influence shape your desires and cause you to succumb to pressure? Or does your perspective emanate from a Godly worldview?

Tru Mantra’s answer is clear and by the end of the song, doubt has given way to exhilaration and an admission that “Everythin na from the Fada”.

You will move to the beat, sing along to the hook, and hum the melody of this song but most of all, it will invigorate you with every listen.

Now tell me, Onye N’ekwu?

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Tru Mantra’s Onye N’ekwu


Onye nekwu, na wetin you dey do eh

Onye nekwu, na wetin dey do you eh

Onye nekwu, why you dey run your mouth o

Onye nekwu, tell me wetin you dey yarn


Everything na from the father

E go give you all you wanna

Oya sare k’owa surrender

But you need igbala, oya call am

Everything na from the father

E go give you all you wanna

Oya sare k’owa surrender

But you need igbala, call am

Verse 1

True prosperity from God of eternity

True prosperity from God of humanity

Because of Bugatti, you forget eternity

Because of Versace, you forget eternity

Wetin dey make you dey do like this,

You dey do like this, you dey do like that

Wetin dey make you dey run like this,

You dey run like this, you dey run like that

Jesus is the ladder,

Leading to the Father

Follow the true ladder wey go lead you to the Father ehen

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Verse 2

Your view of the problem is flawed

We fight with the penned not the sword

The strategy Logos, the tactic is Rhema

The malady wilts at the word

Don’t confuse the evidence

Don’t misconstrue the prevalence

The truth must still take precedence

This truth weighs more than common sense

If I said it once I said it twice

No need to run like three blind mice

The stuff around is pouring in

The dam is burst, it’s flooding in

But wait, but wait, I’m feeling a change in the state

It feels so good I can’t relate

I have no need to compensate my faith


Obu onye nekwu o

Ibu onye, obu onye nekwu

If you need Igbala call am

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