Music: Bizzle – Devil’s Work (Response To Joyner Lucas)

Bizzle - Devils Work
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Stream “Devil’s Work (Response To Joyner Lucas)” by Bizzle (birth name Mark Julian Felder) an American Christian hip hop recording artiste.


Joyner, I hear you’re going through some things and it’s getting tough, but
I see you got my Word with you, it’s a shame how the pain only thing make you pick it up
You complain when it rains just once but I never hear thanks for that hundred days with the sun
Could’ve ran to me first, ran to the drink first, and now I gotta have this conversation with you when you drunk, see
Before I even start addressing it, I don’t owe you any answers, so don’t get used to it
But I feel like you being genuine, but the truth is you can’t handle the truth, Lucas
But you kept it a buck and I love that, if I kept it a buck back, could you take what you stepping in?
I know there’s other folk that feel like you, so first thing I’mma do is let you know who you questioning

I am the God who created the Earth
I knew you’d start feeling yourself, so I made you from dirt
Ain’t no battery in your body, so who making it work?
I made the Earth perfect, it’s y’all making it worse
Who put the seed in the fruit, put the fruit in the tree and that tree in another little seed but Me
Then turned around and made you the same way after that
But you was in your daddy’s sack and this that daddy sack
I am the One that put breath in your lungs and created the same mind that you question Me from
You are lost, I’m the Way, I’m the potter, you’re the clay
And now the clay got something to say, okay

You can never check Me, so check this, your standard
For right and wrong is Me
I am the checklist, I am right
Wrong is whatever you’re left with, I am life
You without me is what death is
I am the Judge, you answer me
If I throw light, man, who throws it back at Me?
And if all this falls, who can stand but Me?
You go the cross but you cross-examine Me
You say I made mistakes, you mistaking Me
You made gods out of men who are clay to Me
You put lives over lives that you ain’t create
Then feel a way ’cause all flesh the same to Me
What if some of the people you naming to Me
Wasn’t really everything that you made them to be
Or worse, what if they are and I take ’em with Me
You telling Me there’s any better place they could be?
No way, you don’t know, you just gotta push through
‘Cause why you over here saying what I should do
Somebody lost somebody last week and
Came at me the same way, saying I should’ve took you
You ask why the good die young
But the truth is, none of y’all are good, not one
The only one ever been good’s My Son
So to answer your question, the good die once (Jesus)
What if I told you the truth when your mom died?
You think you can choose when your mom dies?
If you put it off twenty years away
Twenty years later when that day came, would you not cry?
You couldn’t be God, you are not I
My ways are not yours, your thoughts are not Mine
You can’t even deal with the pressure of your own life
When you’re not high, try looking into God mind

See, I love them more than you ever did
More than you ever could, death doesn’t lessen it
Let My own Son meet death as the evidence
That I love ’em all, rap star to the president
The real question is, what you living like?
If I punish every sin, would you live tonight?
So how you get mad when I give them other folks same chances I give you to get it right?
You got a son that one day’ll be a man
You expect him to trust you when he don’t understand
Or even know what you up to
‘Cause he knows that you love him, right?
So trust that I love you

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