Lyrics + Video: Cochren & Co. – Waiting For This Moment

Cochren & Co. - Waiting For This Moment
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Cochren & Co. released the official music video for “Waiting for this Moment,” which can be viewed below. Video recorded by Blaine Fuhs. Video Edited by Matt Hadley and Wander Creative. Video Produced by Cochren & Co. Written by Michael Cochren & Ben Shive. Produced & Mixed by Bryan Fowler for Man Cub Music House. Recorded at Man Cub Music House. Piano by Michael Cochren. Guitar by Mike Payne. Bass by Jacob Lowery. Drums by Paul Mabury. Programming by Bryan Fowler. BGVs by Bryan Fowler.

The track, from the group’s album Don’t Lose Hope, is available now to STREAM HERE


Mama cried when I went off to college
Daddy cried when I came back home
My room was just the way I left it
But the boy who lived there was gone

Went back to Pike Central High School
for the hometown football game
sat in the stands with my old friends
telling stories, but it just wasn’t the same

Sometimes I miss the good ole days
but I know they brought me to to this place

All, all my life I’ve been waiting for this moment

It’s been ten years of chasing this crazy dream
Tryna make it big some how
I’ve been high and low and in-between
But I won’t let it get me down

Don’t need to know how this will all turn out
I’m wide awake in the here and now

You build a life, kids and wife
and you punch the clock every day
Still waiting for your ship to come in
and you hope that it’s on its way
well it ain’t on its way
no, it’s here today
I’ve been waiting been waiting

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