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DOWNLOAD Music: Wande Double Single ‘No Limits Lyrics’

Wande Double Single No Limits

Dubbed as a top six Christian hip hop rapper to know in 2019 by USA Today and the only female recognized in the category—Reach Records recording artist, Wande has had an explosive year! With her unique flow, infectious personality and strong work ethic; The Nigerian born and Texas raised lyricist wowed the team at Reach to become the first woman signed to the roster this past spring. Today, Wande is set to captivate audiences again with the release of her brand new double single, “No Limits”.

Produced by Jesse Calentine, “No Limits” features back-to-back tracks: “No Cap” & “No Ceilings.” Diverse in delivery but aligned with one message, “No Limits” ultimately declares: with God there’s no stopping Wande! “No Limits” further solidifies Wande as a top contender in the genre and is available today everywhere digital music is sold.

Along with the audio, the “Blessed Up” rapper drops two dynamic music videos today in support of the “No Limits” release. Directed by Swerve TV, the lively visuals showcase Wande’s high energy and dancing skills. Check out the “No Cap” & “No Ceilings” videos here.



  1. […] [Verse 1] Who you know been like this I’ve been chilling yall forgot that I could spit like this Every record know I’m making hits like this Keep it unashamed lil homie one one six that clique Huhn Who you know that flow like this But they always got the Lord up in the mix no Biz Rapping don’t forget about the goal don’t miss I ain’t doing this for me Its bout the souls that it I keep it real holy Been rapping since Stony At lunch we was hitting them flows Ya girl bout her business I got bills to pay so Go stack up your bands for a show Remember them people that told me That I would be nothing Oh boy was you wrong Now they sing my song That L turned to V What a twist like its Louis vuitton I’m not the same Nobody can say they put me on It’s only God that’s keeping me through this marathon I run the race then later i’m passing the baton This world is not my home I got a better lawn Where grass is greener cause I got my living water on I got the bars but I set em free up in the song The word on me You would think that this a sing along Time to drop the hook run it up put my team on […]


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